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Alexa using family Spotify.

Alexa using family Spotify.

My son had a phone and Amazon echo for christmas, I am a premium spotify account holder with the friends and family package also.


I have set my son up as a family member on Spotify and he has added his account to to his echo but it's asking to sign in with a premium account, does this mean he can't use Spotify on his Echo?

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Hey @L7kus85! Welcome to the Spotify Community. ^^


That doesn't sound cool.

Is he able to use his account properly on his Echo device or are you still experiencing this issue?


Let me know how it goes!^^


He can't use Spotify through his echo, has to connect the echo to his phone
and play off that



He should be able to use his echo device without his phone.

Be sure to show him this little tutorial for setting up his Amazon Echo. ^^



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