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Alexa won't play Spotify

Alexa won't play Spotify

A few days ago, my Alexa (Echo 3rd gen) stopped playing Spotify. I say, play tunes. She goes, Tunes from Spotify. Like she normally does. Then... A beautiful playlist of silence errupts in my room i.e she doesn't actually play it. This is really annoying because I am an addict to Spotify (yes that's a thing) so please fix.
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Hey everyone!

We have gone over this thread and summarized all the different issues that we have seen reported here. The main one which seems to be discussed is that Alexa won't play playlist with voice command. Quite a few users report solving this with a few troubleshooting steps like:

  • Unlinking & relinking the Spotify skill on Alexa. You can check how to do it on this page.
  • Making sure Spotify is set as the default player.
  • Clearing cache of your Spotify app by following the steps here.
  • Removing the app permission for Alexa on Spotify through the account page > Manage apps. To re-add it, simply log back in to Alexa.
  • Trying to use a different voice commands to start the playlist - for example - Play Spotify on ... name of speaker. And you can also try to tap on the Alexa to start playback.

Another issue we have spotted is that when using the Connect feature users cannot see their Alexa devices. For this we would also recommend checking the Spotify skill and the network connection. Your router may support 2 different channels for the same network (2.4 Ghz or 5.0 Ghz). You should check if both devices are connected to the same exact channel.


Some users in here are also reporting that the app keeps shutting down. In that case we'd recommend making sure both the Spotify and Alexa apps are up-to-date and that you clear cache for both.


With this said, we'll be locking this thread. If you're still experiencing issues, please try the steps above. If none of that helps, you can also create a new thread, where you let us know your exact behavior and the troubleshooting steps you've tried.

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Same problem here...Echo Show: completed the factory reset, unplugged it for a few minutes, disabled/enabled the Spotify skill...nothing worked.

Same here. I’ve been playing Spotify on my Echos for years and a couple of days ago she just plays silence when I ask her to play anything on Spotify. She reply’s affirmatively and then… nothing. Same behavior across 4 separate Echo devices.

This did not work for me.

For the Spotify team, I have an Echo Dot 5th Gen and and Echo Pop. Spotify works as expected with the Echo Pop, but the Echo Dot acts the same as OPs. My workaround is I say “Alexa Play ____ Everywhere” and then she responds with saying “Playing _______ on the everywhere group” and then music plays from both Echos at the same time, then I can turn it off of the Echo Pop.


I can also physically tap the top of my Echo Dot and the music will play, leading me to believe the default response by Alexa is to queue up the song but leave it on Pause until you unpause it?

This worked for me, thank you very much!

I was able to resolve the "Alright, here's Spotify" and there was a silence on Alexa, but on app I could see it was playing.


Try to clear cache of your Spotify app. Just go to apps/Spotify/memory and click clear memory.

Same here! I have 3 Sonos One speakers and for years Spotify worked with Alexa just seamlessly as its expected. Now, while playing from a device works, Alexa can't actually control Spotify not launch it. 

Super super annoying. I deleted and reinstalled the Alexa Skill already but without success. 


None of this worked for me. What worked was to remove permission to all the apps that I had given inside Spotify, including Alexa. 

Thanks. Only solution that worked was removing the app permission for Alexa on Spotify and adding again

Hello, I just got an echo dot 5th gen today and my app is showing I have my Spotify account connected, but when I ask Alexa to play music from Spotify, she says “Playing ____ from Spotify” but then proceeds to play a different song from Amazon music. She clearly hears me and thinks she’s doing it right. Any ideas how to fix this? Thank you! 

I tried all the options mentioned above but the only thing that worked for me was


Ask your echo "Alexa, Spotify Connect"


Then you go to your spotify app on your phone and find the alexa device listed in the devices.


having the same issue here.  I ask it to play a song and it says it is going to play it.  Then silence.  However, when I say skip it will start playing the next song on the album.  I have done all the above. 

Same here, this is not resolved.


I have;

removed connection to Alexa in Spotify

removed Spotify connection via

reinstalled Alexa app

set up everything according to manual and issue is still the same


- there is no option to select Alexa under 'Connect to a device' in android app

- laptop Spotify is showing greyed out Echo dot under 'Connect to a device' with two errors. Its either 'Waking up...' or 'Connect to WiFi and wake device'.


Alexa is connected


When i ask alexa to play spotify, Alexa says 'alright, here's spotify' but there is only silence

These solutions don’t fix the problem, Alexa no longer has the skill to use spotify, very annoying. The only reason I brought the product and I brought two 😞 

please mark this as not solved! 

Set up my Echo Show yesterday. Spotify worked until I connected my Apple Airpods via Bluetooth. Then I disconnected them and tried to listen to a song. Silence. The track appeared to be playing, but I couldn't hear it. Unless I put my Airpods back in. But they're not connected!

Alexa won’t play Spotify anymore on no device. Sometimes in the day it works after rebooting the echos. But now it’s done. Not even linking the skill helped. Is there an issue ?

I have had the same problems as others.


Spotify used to work fine, but over the last few months has become increasingly hard to get to work.  


Sometimes removing the skill and adding it again has worked, but even that does not always work (and isn't an acceptable fix if I have to do it every time). 

Hey folks,


For anyone still experiencing this, please share the info requested by @AlejaR in the pinned reply (if you haven't already), so we can forward it to the relevant team.



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5 X Echo Show 5 | 2nd generation (2021 release)
(all in the same 'everywhere' group on Alexa) & Spotify Mobile app


The Spotify web page won't even load today: it just says 'something went wrong' and tells me to try reloading the page (doesn't work). Spotify will play on my phone, but won't connect to any of my devices. Asking Spotify to shuffle my liked songs results in a 'shuffling your liked songs on the everywhere group' response, but no music.


It's been this way for months. I'm not aware of any particular change that might have triggered it; it just stopped working reliably one day. Removing and adding the spotify skill used to help, but now has no effect. Turning the Echo devices on and off also does not help.


It's starting to look like I might need to switch to a different music service.

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