[All Platforms][Connect] Handover from 'Next Up' Songs between plattforms


[All Platforms][Connect] Handover from 'Next Up' Songs between plattforms

Casual Listener

Hi there Spotify,


I have one remark about the 'handover' feature to tranfer music from one plattform to another, e.g. from my iOS to my Desktop PC. 

The current song is transfered but unfortunately not the 'Next Up' Songs, so they are missing after the transfer.

Can you please have a look and fix it?

Thanks and best regards,


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Spotify Legend

Hey there,


Thanks for posting about this in the Community 🙂


Do you mind providing us with some steps to reproduce this? It would be great if you could also include some screenshots to illustrate this.


Thanks! We'll be looking out for your reply 🙂

Casual Listener

Hi Peter,


thank you for the reply and sorry for the delayed answer.


For example I use spotify on my IPhone and listen to a song (in Screenshot 'Chemie Chemie Ya') and also curate some other songs in the queue ('Danny Nedelko', 'AMG Mercedes', etc.) . 


IMG_4517.PNGWhen I now switch to my Windows PC with Chrome Browser 'Chemie Chemie Ya' is still playing as it should, but unfortunately curated Queue from my IPhone is not transfered as well. Instead other songs from maybe my last Chrome session (?) are there. 2019-08-20 09_49_20-Chemie Chemie Ya · Kraftklub.png


Would be awesome if there Queue is also transfered from one device to another. The work for choosing the next songs which are fitting my current mood are lost otherwise.