[All Platforms][Connect] Spotify Connect not working with dualband routers, lock all devices?

[All Platforms][Connect] Spotify Connect not working with dualband routers, lock all devices?


Have as most people a mixed home  setup with spotify connect devices; iphones, chromecast audio/ultra, onkyo, ipads, samsung, google Nest etc. 2 dualband routers (one acts as wire connected AP), Gb ethernet (about 20 wired devices, about 15 on Wi-Fi) Same SSID/pw on everything. 250/150 Mb/s fiber connection.

Problem: Very often, spotify connect gets stuck on ”Connecting”, nothing happens (when for example switching from kitchen to study) Spotify app have to be restarted, often also toggles Wi-Fi on/Off to get it working.


Do you have to force all devices to only 2,4 or 5 MHz?


Mostly use Apple watch as controller, or my phone. Latest firmware, updated apps of course. 

How common is this problem? (Googling found almost nothing, dualband not even mentioned on Spotify’s help resources)


Spotify help center claims that it has to do with 2,4/5 mhz routers, but does not everybody have dual band routers? (Asked them twice, same answer)

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Would like to add that it works perfectly at times, but not always. Have a feeling that it works better if Spotify was first started on a google device, it connects happily to for example the chrome cast in the study. But if Spotify starts on an iOS device, getting she stream to play on a google device gets trickier, and vice versa. Apple/Google problem?


Final attachment: we have family account, the son listens to devices in his room, the wife (only occasionally) listens to her stream, and myself switch music source frequently as  I move round the house, including occasionally google home “all” multiroom. All on separate logins of course, but it could be tricky for Spotify connect to get it all right, in the summertime we add an extra patio router for garden WiFi to work. Tried ASUS mesh setup but it did not help. 

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