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[All Platforms] Daily Mix Suggestions

[All Platforms] Daily Mix Suggestions


Please bring back the traditional Daily Mix functionality. Perhaps in another Daily Mix category if you must - or create a daily mix that will consider all of the genres together in one mix - as it used to be.


I applaud Spotify for their work to make this service better than the other offerings, but I need to say that not every 'upgrade' serves the community when it completely deletes the previous functionality.


I used to  listen to the Daily Mix constantly and I loved it. It played the songs I already had in my song library and others that I may like. This was beautiful to me. I hardly ever had to skip a song. Then the Daily Mix changed and started offering options like Daily Mix 1, 2, 3, etc., but no true Daily Mix. The Daily Mix 1 is a collection from one genre, Daily Mix 2 another genre, etc. No more is the music mixed - only the artists of a similar genre.


I listen to everything (except country music) and I like my mix to jump from one genre to another at every song. I have a very hard time enjoying music from the same genre for extended times.


More to this, I happen to like a lot of Bluegrass and Bluegrass-infused music. Because of this, my new Daily Mixes end up getting full of country music. I will not listen to those mixes anymore. I do not listen to the Daily Mix at all now. It was my go-to Spotify feature and the reason I started paying for Spotify. Spotify was the only service I'd found that honored my wide range of musical taste and almost never dropped a country song on me until now.


Please bring back the traditional Daily Mix option - or better yet, delete your country music library 😉 - so that I may enjoy the Daily Mix again.




Calm down, y'all. I'm not asking for the deletion of the Country Music library and I don't want to start a music war. To each their own. We are all on Spotify to listen to what we personally enjoy and I respect your choices to listen to whatever makes you happy. I was just having a little fun.

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Hey @c32077, thanks for your contribution! 


You might be interested in this idea : )

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