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[All Platforms][Developer] Spotify employs liars.

[All Platforms][Developer] Spotify employs liars.

Look I have had issues with spotify in the past. The first issue was resolved as well as could be. After that I contacted spotify about one issue three times. I had one person at spotify email me saying they could fix the problem. One employee Marlon just outright lied to me multiple times. I created a complaint with the better business bureau and they preferred to not refund me. Instead memorializing my complaint and to be honest I'm ok with that. I only make this post as a warning with the way spotify treats it's customers they won't be around long. I also will call the ctrc about them because crooks like this should not be allowed to do business in Canada or any country. I'm just trying to make their business less profitable and I guarantee refunding me would have been cheaper and smarter.

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