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[All Platforms] Florida Communications Services tax

[All Platforms] Florida Communications Services tax

received notification from Spotify about a 01feb2020 increase of up to $2.26 per month (dependent upon zip code).  I canx my premium account.  Investigating the tax, found this jewel of a POV by the state: "202.12 Sales of communications services.The Legislature finds that every person who engages in the business of selling communications services at retail in this state is exercising a taxable privilege. It is the intent of the Legislature that the tax imposed by chapter 203 be administered as provided in this chapter."


So as far as the state of Florida is concerned, Spotify is "exercising a taxable privilege".  Nothing against Spotify, everything against the Legislature for dipping their hands into Spotify's back pocket who then in turn dips into mine.


here is the extract from the email notification from Spotify:


We’re getting in touch to let you know about a change to your Spotify subscription.

As of February 1st, 2021, we are required to apply the Florida Communications Services Tax to your monthly Spotify subscription payments. This tax will be applied automatically as of your February billing date.

Your payment will be increased by no more than $2.26 per month, depending on your Spotify subscription plan and your zip code.

You can manage your subscription and payment details from your account page.

If you’d like more information, please see our FAQ.

Thanks for being a Spotify subscriber!

The Spotify team"

2 Replies

Agreed. Government is the biggest organized racket in history.  They have their filthy hands in everyone's pockets, six ways to Sunday.

If the current Florida Communications Tax is 7.44%, why am I being charged 9.88% communications tax every month?

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