[All Platforms][Music] Pay more money to artists (especially to Thom York)

[All Platforms][Music] Pay more money to artists (especially to Thom York)


Just pay him money, thats all I want.


I always have problems with importing music into spotify, so you could change that or you pay money to Thom York, he is worth it! Best solution would be, if both things happen.


It wont be cheap, but to be honest free users enjoy too much freedom for paying nothing. Sure there is much competition by other streaming services and YouTube, but artists in general are still underpayed and the merchandise section on Spotify is not enough, but a good step in my opinion. Less than 10 bucks a month is already a crazy bargain, when you keep in mind, that music is added monthly and you are practically not able to hear every song that is currently available on Spotify in your life.

Maybe you actually are, idk, but you see what I mean.


To raise more awareness here are some fitting topics. Please support them, if you value music and their artists like I do 😄









Ideas like a donation option were already cancelled, because it would be too complicated or not valuable.


 This is not an idea itself, it's more like a discussion, so don't fear to leave comments       ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)




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messed up that Lenny xD

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