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[All Platforms][Other] Better communication from the developer's side

[All Platforms][Other] Better communication from the developer's side

(Sorry, wall of text following)
I have loved the Spotify Service ever since I've switched over from Google Play Music just a few months ago... I switched mainly because of the student discount and learned to love it because of the excellent Discover weekly Playlist. But at the same time, I hate a lot about it too, because it lacks a lot of features that would make using the android app (which I mostly use) and all the other clients a much more enjoyable experience. This mostly includes UI Features, like the following examples (which are all mostly relevant for the Android App) :
-rearranging playlists and importing local files without the use of a PC (which is more of a workaround for a missing basic feature in my perspective)
-having the ability to swap any two tracks from the currently playing playlist, including the currently playing track(like it is possible in the GPlay Music App), which would allow to skip several Songs following the current song without stopping the playback of it. While you're at it, fix the slow scrolling, it also is a royal pain in the neck.
-A Button for clearing the DL cache without wiping your Settings too. This is important because Spotify seems to leak data in the mass storage sometimes, so from time to time I do clear my cache. The Problem is that after that, the offline Songs quality will be back to the default normal, but I want to have all my Songs downloaded in extreme quality, so if I forget to change that, I have to clear the cahe yet again and redownload all the songs. This is just an unnecessary annoyance making the User Experience that much more frustrating.
There are several other issues I have with the app, their perceived severety being all over the place between minor and major/really annoying/really really frustrating. In sum they weigh so heavy that I would switch back to GPlay if Google were to also grant students a discount or make Youtube Red finally available in Germany (one of which they defintely will) and implement a similar weekly playlist algorithm.
What really is a pain though is that I have no idea whatsoever when or if these issues are ever getting fixed. I have found most of these features I desire have been submitted as ideas months ago and have ever since been under consideration or marked as good ideas. Many have large followings too. But obviously, they are not implemented yet. This isn't good enough. These Ideas could just as well be closed. They are practically dead, although they should have taken high priority (or, more accurately, they should have already been implemented a long time ago). We do not need to know that our feature requests are good ideas because we already know that they are. What we need to know is when they are going to finally get shipped.
So, after all this long explanation let me finally get to the point: Communicate what's happening with the app. Give us a list of which features are actually in development. Give us a list of which feature requests are prioritized and of which features are the next to be finished and shipped next. We don't necessarily need to know a release date for all of them, but still, give us a rough idea on if and when the features will be arriving. Communication is key nowadays, If you want an example that confirms this, just consider the amount of hate niantic received in the short while between the shutdown of PokéVision and their official statement recently.
Also, start by fixing the above features!

(see title) fix yo' **bleep**, Spotify!
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