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[All Platforms][Other] Criteria for Spotify implementing an idea

[All Platforms][Other] Criteria for Spotify implementing an idea

Having only read a few ideas entries, it seems that the criteria for Spotify implementing ideas is based on how often that idea (or similar idea) is submitted or how much support the idea gets from other community members.


I apologise if this is not an accurate explanation of how ideas are chosen to be implemented, but if it is, I would say this is not the most effective way of improving usability of the Spotify platform. One person can have an idea that might mean significant improvement of the app, even if others have not thought of this same/similar idea, or even if not enough community members have managed to read the idea and have indicated their support of an idea.


After all, I would imagine that those that monitor Spotify Community only account for a very small percentage of your subscribers. Would it not be a better idea to have your own test users/developers that are very familiar with the functionality of the app comment on the suitability and how much it might improve user experience based on the merits of an individual idea rather than only looking at those that gather enough support?


I understand there might be a lot of ideas to deal with but I'd imagine some really good ideas might be overlooked if this is the current system to merit ideas worthy of implementing or not.

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