[All Platforms][Other] 'Spotlister' was, correctly, shut down. Why not 'Playlist Push'?

[All Platforms][Other] 'Spotlister' was, correctly, shut down. Why not 'Playlist Push'?


To Spotify's credit, they shut down 'Spotlister' for breaking the terms and conditions of Spotify's API code for running a de-facto 'Pay for Placement' service.

How is 'Playlist Push' any different?

Playlist Push has, effectively, the same business plan.  And is 'Pay for Placement' by any other name.  Not only that but given Playlist Push's 1K+ Followers threshold, it's actively encouraging curators to pay for fake followers and, in turn, fake streams.

Isn't it time Spotify denied Playlist Push access to their API code?  Surely, enough is more than enough.

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Thanks for bringing this to our attention,much appreciated. 

I assume you didn't post the url because you realized a public forum wouldn't be the best place to do so, and you're absolutely right. 

Could you please go to Help, navigate to the contact options and send us the url and any information you have?

Thanks again much for your help.


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