[All Platforms][Partnership] Bonobo vinyl promo sucked

[All Platforms][Partnership] Bonobo vinyl promo sucked


I got an email this morning with a message from Bonobo:

I've just announced a special 10th Anniversary edition of my 2010 album “Black Sands”. To thank you for being one of my top listeners on Spotify, I’d like to give you access to an exclusive limited edition double cool grey vinyl version, which features a new cover photograph by myself and comes with two additional prints of the original artwork.


OK, great, I thought - looks cool!


The website that the link went to was not working.  I tried every couple minutes for hours.  Once in a while I could get the product page to load.  Then once I actually got the product in my cart.  But no chance on checking out.  Disconnect, disconnect, disconnect.  Eventually the site starts working again but the product is nowhere to be seen at that point.


What a lame offer and waste of time.


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