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[All Platforms][Partnership] Sony's 360 Reality Audio

[All Platforms][Partnership] Sony's 360 Reality Audio

can I use Sony's 360 Reality Audio with Spotify?

I'm using Mcintosh processor


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No you can't. Unfortunately, Spotify doesn't support 360 Reality Audio (at the moment I write).
The Mac is a computer, not a processor.

I just got new headphones supporting Sony's 360 audio. It really depends on the song, but listening to Michael Jackson's Thriller with 360 audio is as striking as watching an HD movie compared to non-HD. I understand Spotify needs to save bandwidth because it's a cost and intense competition still hasn't allowed Spotify to become profitable, but not adjusting to innovations bears the risk of getting wiped out entirely. Spotify has always been complaining about Apple's dominance. Here's a wasted chance to partner with Sony and go against Apple's spatial audio. Instead, Spotify let's Tidal, Deezer and others take the lead. Spotify, you can charge extra money for this feature. This should be a positive business case! What's holding you guys back?

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