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[All Platforms][Subscription] Family Plan and Google home mini promo

[All Platforms][Subscription] Family Plan and Google home mini promo

Hey everyone, 

Some of you might have seen my post regarding the Google home mini promotion and being a family plan member.  I am posting here again today to raise awareness about the fact that I did exactly what the company told me to, which was to change my subscription down to a regular premium plan, then wait until my billing cycle switched over for those changes to come into effect. Then I was supposed to be able to order the Google home. However I cannot seem to order one, it is giving me an error message saying it's not available in my country.


I for one think this whole ordeal is poor customer service from start to finish! Poor planning for the promotion put them in this situation. Then instead of fixing it they made customers jump through hoops to be eligible, and then it isnt even available anymore. I have emailed someone from customer service regarding this issue and am waiting a response but I am hoping to post here as well to share my experience with you all and maybe get a bit more attention in order to solve this for myself and others! So please like and comment if you've experienced similar issues regarding this promotion.


If this does not get resolved I will be looking elsewhere for a music service provider. 

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