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[All Platforms] What's wrong with scrobbling? Why is it so difficult to leave feedback?

[All Platforms] What's wrong with scrobbling? Why is it so difficult to leave feedback?

Dear Spotify,


As someone who has been mostly happy with your service I have a few issues that I would like to bring up that I would like some meaningful response or resultion to so I do not migrate to another service.

  1. Why is it so hard to leave feedback?  I've been trying to find a location to leave feedback for about a half hour and this is the closest I've come.
  2. Why is scrobbling messing up so much?  I understand if is the problem, since it's been updating, but scrobbling randomly turns off and as someone who is a little bit demanding of tracking what I'm listening to, this is not acceptable
  3. The phone app has been getting progressively worse since the update about a year ago, which was nice at first.  I'm recieving many more errors when searching for artists and trying to play albums.  When the ENTIRE point of your app is playing music this is pretty important.
  4. Also, what is the point of limiting songs in playlists to 10,000?  I left feedback a while back regarding this and your rep pretty much said "You will like these new features more, you should use them." I tried.  They aren't what I'm looking for.  What I was looking for was the original functionality of making a large playlist to use for shuffling purposes.  The response I initially recieved didn't answer my question and I would at least like an answer of WHY this stopped, instead of trying to redirect me to another new feature.

Thank you for your time.



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Hey Nick!


Thanks for your feedback. We'll make sure to pass it along to the relevant team.


Can you let us know which device/OS are you using? Also, a screenshot of the error you see when using Search will help us out.


Try disconnecting/reconnecting your account to Spotify. That should help with the scrobbling issue.


Keep us posted. 

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