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All artists are not being shown in new web player

All artists are not being shown in new web player

Hello there,


In the old web player ( you were able to see all your Artists under Your Music.


In the new player ( I can only see a subset of my Artists and those that I can see appear to be in a totally random order.


This issue affects both IE 12 and the latest version of Chrome on Windows 7.


I cannot use the Spotify thick client due to restrictions on the hosts that I use.


I've reported this to Spotify Support who have indicated that this is a widespread problem.


I would formally request that a defect is raised and that I am added to the interest list of the defect.


At the moment this issues means that Spotify is very difficult to use fully so:


a) I will not upgrade to a subscription

b) I am looking at moving to an alternative streaming service which does not have this problem.


Best Regards,


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Having exactly the same problem. I can't see all my music on the Artists or Songs page, either, so basically I can only listen to a random selection...

Dear Spotify Support,


Is there any update on this issue?


Has a defect been raised?


Best Regards,


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