Alternate playlist possibilities on Premium subscription??

Alternate playlist possibilities on Premium subscription??


My "Playlist" is SUPER Big at this point. It has 20-30 types of music; sub-folders, etc. It seems to crash my marantz 5007 when I try to get Spotify to load.Because of this, I have been using ROKU to play Spotify. This is less problematic, but lately - there are problems with this too.  I don't want to delete most of the playlist. I would like it if I could save my playlists with different numbers/ names and choose which I will load into a particular device. If it were possible to load smaller Playlists, there might be fewer problems (crashes).  - Thanks

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I've moved your topic over here in the help section since it's rather a crash report than a requested feature. Hopefully someone can help you here. When exactly and on what platform does it crash for you?

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