Amazon Alexa (Echo Dot) & Kids Account

Amazon Alexa (Echo Dot) & Kids Account

Plan: Family / Free/Premium: Premium / Country: UK / Device: Amazon (Alexa) Echo Dot

My Question or Issue:

I have a family account that my wife and my 9 year old daughter use, as well as myself. My daughter has an echo dot in her bedroom and spotfiy is connected to that.

The problem is that it seems to only be able to connect to the main spotify account (ie. mine) which causes 2 issues:

1. she can access any music incl. explicit

2. the music she listens to completely messes up my account & its algorithms.

Is there any way to assign her kids account to the echo dot?

Thanks in advance for your help!



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Read that this was possible so got a premium family plan. Tried to get this working and then found out....nope, can't. Will be terminating the plan in month one. Darn. Didn't want to buy Amazon's plan.

Bear in mind this took me half a day

you will need to open an email account for your kids.

invite them to you Spotify premium account

set up a Spotify account for kids and turn off explicit content

open an Alexa account for each kid (I downloaded the app on different devices, eg ipad)

de register kids echo dot from your account and set up as a new dot using their Amazon account

link to their Spotify account

set Spotify as default music 


now all house members can listen to their own music with explicit filter for kids 

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