Amazon Echo Can't Find Spotify Playlists

Amazon Echo Can't Find Spotify Playlists

I've been using my Amazon Echos to play Spotify for about a year.  Suddenly, it's not recognizing my Spotify playlists when I tell it to play "playlist name".  I'm using the same syntax as always.  I have multiple Echos and they all do the same thing.  It will either say that it can't find the playlist or suggest a different playlist.


I confirmed that Spotify is my default music account.  I tried disconnecting and reconnecting my Spotify account.  I also tried renaming playlists.

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Exactly the same issue. Been working fine on two Echos - now doesn't recognise playlist commands. 

Thankfully, You and I are not alone! I'm having exactly the same trouble, really noticing it today (22nd October). It was all going so well, now it won't find any playlists i've made. It'll happily play Spotify specifally made playlists, but no others?


Spotify - please sort this, Alexa is the main way I use your service and I strongly prefer it to Amazon Music, but I will have to be tempted to move if the intergration to my playlists isn't fixed and I'm sure i'm not the only one.

I finally fixed this on my setup. Check to make sure that your home country on both your Amazon and Spotify accounts are the same. Nothing worked for me until I did this.

I have the same issue. Both my countries are Canada although I am linked to a .com marketplace on Amazon. I wonder that's the reason it can't find anything. 

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