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Amazon fire tv playlists not showing up with new update

Amazon fire tv playlists not showing up with new update

My Spotify app on my Amazon just updated on July 20th, and now only my saved songs, not playlists will show up. Is there a fix for this?
3 Replies

Hey @jrenyart, thanks for coming to the Community for help.


To get started, could you send us a screenshot of how the app is showing from your Amazon Fire TV? Also, could you let us know the current version of the app you've got installed and the firmware version of the TV?


We'll see what we can suggest.


All the best,

The Spotify app version is 1.17.0-afaa7e5 release-2.0.1-ga852b5e HEAD-v1.23.130-gc8cbc8ad


The Fire TV version is (550145120)


The issue is that on the left side where albums are displayed, I used to be able to see artists, playlists, etc. now only albums are displayed. It will not allow me to scroll left, only right, and that only displays additional individual songs, nothing else. 


spotify issue on fire tv.jpeg

Hey @jrenyart!


Thanks for your feedback in regards to the latest update of the app for the Fire TV.


We'll  make sure to pass it on to our devs team.


All the best,

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