An Unexpected Journey by Samwise Gamgee


An Unexpected Journey by Samwise Gamgee

Hello. My family and I absolutely love the podcast “An Unexpected Journey” by Samwise Gamgee. ( We’re trying to find this theatrical audiobook version on disc, but cannot find the exact version. (This version is the complete The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings books with the theatrical background music from the movies.) Do you have contact information for “Samwise Gamgee,” or at least have information about this version of audiobook? The podcast has no information (producers, voice actors, year, studio, etc.). Thank you.

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Hi @SeaDadEcho12,


Welcome to the Community and thank you for reaching out!


We also tried to look for some information about this show but unfortunately, we weren't able to find any. 


However, in the link you sent there is a "Message" button where it seems you can contact them. It's worth giving it a try. 


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Hello! Any luck? I really love that podcast, but I cannot find any info… I would love to own a full version - I think the high quality justifies it! And it seems to no longer be on Spotify?!?

Loved listening to these but they not on Spotify anymore

Thank you, thank you' I was at chapter 16 in An Unexpected Journey by Samwise Gemgee  (The Hobbit) as Soptify dropped the entire LOR   . Thanks to you I now have finished The Hobbit and have started the 1st book, The Fellowship of the Ring. Long time user of The Internet Archive but hadn't thought of looking there. They all are now resting on the SD card of my mobile. Once again, thank you very much for providing these links to these fantastic books. 

They are, but the Book is still there.

Search for Roads Go Ever On, its the same people just without their intros.


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