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Andriod Auto Terrible Sound Quality

Andriod Auto Terrible Sound Quality

I just got an Android Auto-enabled head unit in my car. The sound is thin and lacking bass and depth. When I switch to simple bluetooth streaming, it sounds great. Is this a device issue, Android Auto implementation or what?

5 Replies

I have the exact same problems. Did you manage to fix it?

Same problem here. Is there a fix availible? 

My fix was to switch phones. It works great with the Nexus 6p, but it was awful with the Oneplus Two I was using before.

Thanks for your answer but that isn't a real solution. Is there something different in the phones specs that maybe was the cost of the poor quality

I have the same issue with a blackberry andriod phone and Pioneer head unit . The audio has enough bass but the quality is low , there is a lot of background hiss in the music and the highs are very low and limited .

when i switch to bluetoosh the audio quality gets much better ( as good as bluetooth can be ) . 

i've downloaded my Spotify playlist in extreme quality and when using Aux or Bluetooth the audio is much better that AA .

A search shows a lot of people are having this issue and neither Spotify nor Google care about the costumers at all .

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