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[Android][Browse] NO DIRECT FEEDBACK?!

[Android][Browse] NO DIRECT FEEDBACK?!

I ended up here because all I wanted to do was submit a report directly to Spotify for a bug that's making the queue button spot working. (Can't open queue to view/rearrange currently on mobile/Android.)


BUT Spotify is literally the only app in the world that doesn't include direct reporting of app issues. They just route us here to "help each other out through the community" lol. Wanna know why? Because Spotify is a clear monopoly that violates every principle of anti-trust law. They don't **bleep** about user experience any more because they don't need to! We don't have anywhere else to go because they've bought up or maliciously ran out of business every other service provider that did something similar.


Don't believe me? Take a look at how Spotify treats musicians and how poorly they are paid for their art. Spotify can only do that now because they've achieved their monopoly and artists have nowhere else to go either.


Spotify is trash. It's the exact type of trash that capitalism breeds. 

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