[Android][Playlists] Allow us to block artists/genres we dislike.

[Android][Playlists] Allow us to block artists/genres we dislike.

  • Having genres I dislike getting mixed in my Playlists is a problem considering we're talking about something I never searched for or listened to. Having an option to select artists or genres we dislike in the same way we can select artists/genres we like would be a great addition to the app that would end up in better generated Playlists and overall happier users.
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I support this feature request. I listen mostly to classical music and use the daily playlist a lot. But sometimes there is music (mostly modern composers) I dislike very much. I can´t stand atonal music or music that is nothing but a collection of notes played in a random order (my autistic brain can't process this). Disliking this composer would help me a lot so I won't have to listen to this music anymore.


I do like the playlist function very much as I have also discovered composers I have never heard of before.

Hey folks,

Thanks for posting in the Community. We've moved your post to a relevant Help Board where it fits better.

We get where you're coming from and the good news is that there is already such feature in place that allows you to improve the playlists that are created for you. Please check out the tips given here, to understand how to remove artists and songs that you're not willing to be presented and streamed for you. 

Hope you find this useful. Keep us posted if you have any questions.

Kiril Moderator
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Hey Kiril,


Thanks for the heads up but I think people that have a problem with intruding songs/genres know about the "dislike" button.


Moving this to he help board doesn't really represent a solution as there is none for the issue I raised.


My thought would be more on the grounds of how we were able to pick the genres/artists we like at the beginning of our account creation and also doing this for what we would rather never hear.


Having this option would greatly improve the generated playlists and it would make it so much nicer if I didn't have to run into those that I honestly hate in order to further avoid them.


I would really appreciate if this would remain as an idea as it is different from nitpicking each song we dislike.





Hi @Shooketh!


It seems that an idea about blocking certain genres has already been submitted here and there can be only one idea of a kind as per our Idea Exchange Guidelines.


Feel free to check out the existing idea and share your feedback. Even though it's marked as Closed, it's still worth Subscribing to the thread, so you're notified whenever there are any updates on the matter.


Take care.

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I use the Spotify app on Linux (almost 90% of the time) and when I play music I can only select the heart icon to express my appreciation but nowhere I can find this other symbol (circle with diagonal line) to dislike an artist or song.

Please help me on this matter.


Today I found the option to dislike a track or the complete composer but only for the weekly discovery playlist.

I want this option also for the numbered playlists that are created for me and there it is missing.

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