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Android TV playing someone else's Top 2017 playlist

Android TV playing someone else's Top 2017 playlist



I've got a problem with Spotify playing on my Philips Android TV. When I use casting  (Spotify Connect) to play songs from my iPhone or Mac to my TV, everything's just fine. But yesterday I actually opened the Spotify app on my TV, which just got a new interface and works pretty well. When I then try to play the "Your Top Songs in 2017" playlist, the songs aren't my top songs, but someone else's. It's not my list. After I tried, my iPhone also displayed two of these playlists in the "recently played" section; the one I played from the TV and mine. 


I checked twice; Spotify on my TV is definitely signed in to the same account as my other devices, so I don't get this.


Would love some help!


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Hey, I have seen it once as well. However it rectified itself fairly quickly. Is it still the case for you ?

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