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[Android] Why is so hard to implement a queue that works like a queue?

[Android] Why is so hard to implement a queue that works like a queue?







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The Add to Queue function in Android Devices is messy and confusing and apparently  people at Spotify don't pay attemption on what paying customers think about this.  

Everybody in every part of the world knows that when something enters in queue it must enter at the end of the queue and not as next in the queue. Is simple and intuitive. 

If you find an album and select the option Add to Queue will receive a message stating that this content can't be added to the queue when queue is empty. 

If you touch on the firts track the albums starts playing, if you try to queue another album the tracks on the new album are included after the track currently playing. You are unable to move the tracks of the first album back to the order you wanted. 

Please fix this anoying behavior, it is a not complex implementation. 


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Hey @vzamora! Welcome to the Spotify Community. ^^


I'm sorry that your play queue isn't working properly.

But please note that this issue is already under investigation.

Be sure to check this ongoing issues thread out for instructions details about it. ^^



Hi @Nico, thank you for the answer, but my issue is not the issue that is under investigation. 

My complains are about the bad way queues were planned and implemented in Android version of Spotify. The behavior in Windows App is more coherent with what is expected on queues. 



Hey @vzamora.


Thanks for replying - we're always glad to receive feedback from our users 🙂


Could you explain what you mean by that exactly? What is it about the queue's behaviour on the Android app that you don't like?


Looking forward to hearing back,



Peter, sorry for the delay. 


A queue must work in a way that when you add something to the queue the new thing is added at the end of the queue and not as the next. Queues must work in a First In First Out manner. 

The queue in Spotify doesn't work this way and this is annoying. If  I choose an album and touch in the Add to Queue option in the menu and my queue is empty, I will receive a message stating that the content can't be added to the list at this time, if I touch on on the first song in the album the albun will be played, but the songs are added to another queue and when I choose another album and try to add it to the queue, the albun is inserted right before the track thar is playing and the first albun will be resumed when the second finish playing. 

This is a lousy implementation of a queue. In my opinion there should be only one queue and when you add an albun or a song to this queue it should be added at the end. 

Also, i must be able to add an entire albun to the queue even when the queue is empty, this is a annoying bug. Sometimes the icon to see the queue as a list simply disapear and I'm not able to reorder the songs. 


So this is what, IMHO, is wrong with the queue in spotify application, look at Google Play Music, Deezer or Apple applications to see how it should work. 




Hey @vzamora.


Thanks for your feedback on this - we really appreciate it 🙂

We recommend you check out the solution provided by one of our Stars in this thread, which gives a good explanation of the current functionality of the Queue function.


In case you wanted to suggest an idea to add new or additional functionality to the Queue, you can do that right here and get others to vote for it. If it garners enough votes, then Spotify might consider implementing it!


Hope that helps! Let us know if there's anything else we can do for you.

Yes, there is one thing you can do. FIX THAT MESSY THING.


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