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App Auto-plays Unwanted Songs in the Background

App Auto-plays Unwanted Songs in the Background

My Question or Issue

 As soon as I launch Spotify on my Phone, Web Player (Chrome) seems to develop a life of its own and goes into auto play of questionable songs and playlists. Stopping it doesn't help - after a couple of seconds it skips to another song. This all happens in the background. I am going crazy with this weird behavior, please help! I have run malware scans without any result and I cannot seem to uninstall this Web Player (Chrome). Thanks so much for your help.

3 Replies

Hey @nDambi, help's here. 


When the Web Player is playing, do you get any sound from the PC? It sounds like the music playing on the Web Player doesn't match that from your phone. 


We suggest that you log out from the Web player, Log out everywhere from your account page, and reset your password


Let us know if that helps. If not, get back with a screenshot, or preferably a video, showing us what's happening and we'll have a closer look.



Thanks so much for your advice. I have some as you inszructed and will let
you know whether or not this remedies the situation.

Much obliged,

Hey @nDambi


Hope the steps helped you out. Come back when you've tried them out and let us know how if worked out 🙂 


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