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Apple Watch Spotify Beta

Apple Watch Spotify Beta







Apple Watch

Operating System

iOS 14 and watch os 7


My Question or Issue

My question is I just bought the Apple Watch with cellular to use Spotify when running with watch, Away from my phone. I just learnt you do not allow this however. You just released a beta which does. I Scavanged across the internet to find a way to get it, I contacted support they said they didn't know how I could get it. So my question is can you give it to me so I can listen to music on my watch away from my phone. I had to get a free trial of Apple Music which sucks cos its Apple Music and would love the capability to use my apple watch away from the phone with headphones and out of speakers to play music. IM 

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Me too! Was super disappointed in my Apple Watch when I found out I couldn’t play Spotify without my phone. It was honestly the only reason I added the cellular plan to the watch. Am now thinking about returning my Apple Watch. Can’t believe all this time people have not been able to stream Spotify on their Apple Watch via cellular. What a major missed opportunity for Spotify 😞

Very disappointed that spotify has not yet developed an APP that can utilize this feature. One more reason to consider switching to a new service.

On every website I've checked people are complaining about Spotify. I just wonder if the blame is really on Spotify. After all, Apple is known to keep its features to itself leveraging themselves against competition (ehem Apple Pay ehem). So, maaybe Apple might have hindered Spotify all along to promote Apple Music.

Spotify friends, the Beta version with Apple Watch streaming is now available on TestFlight! Check it out here:

If the beta is full, don't give up. Keep checking the website regularly. People constantly get dropped.

Strange to be released on Halloween here in the US, but I assure you it's a treat, not a trick. 😛

Any news here? Are we out of the beta yet? Is it now available for everyone? Can we now after years finally use spotify on apple watch cellular without taking the iPhone with us? Come on guys this is annoying!

Hey everyone,


Thanks for searching for the answer you need here.


We appreciate your feedback and have passed it on to the right folks at the developer team. We're constantly looking for ways to improve your Spotify experience across all platforms and running tests with different features. So  it's possible that you might see something on the app your friend doesn’t, or get a brand-new feature for only a temporary period. Click here to learn more about Spotify tests.


The best thing you can do is always keep the app up to date with the latest version. This way you'll get access to all new features, as soon as they're available.


Hope this shines a bit of light on the matter. We'll be here if you have any other questions.

Mihail Moderator
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@Acura1 - The blue beta tag was removed from the watch app sometime last month. So in the US, the feature seems to be out of beta. Hope this helps

How much longer until everyone can get this feature? If the beta label has been removed in the US, why can't I have it on my watch in Germany? Having this feature on the horizon is the ONLY reason I didn't switch to Apple Music (yet).

Hey @mindcycler,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community.


As @Mihail mentioned before, we're constantly testing new features and improvements to deliver the best possible experience. Although we can't commit to a timeline for when this feature will be rolled out to everyone, we'll make sure to pass your feedback on to the team in charge.


In the meantime, we recommend keeping the app updated so you don't miss out on new features.


If you need anything else, give us a shout.



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I get that but the most frustrating part for me is that it works for my wife but not for me. We're on the same family Spotify account.

Hi @CarlosE


I recently bought an apple watch in the USA precisely so I don't have to bring my phone on runs and use spotify. After many attempts, I am not able to play spotify without my phone, even though I have a brand new apple watch SE, with LTE. Can you please clear things up and tell us if this feature is available to all spotify users in the USA, or still only beta users? The press coverage back on Nov. 2nd made it seem like it was rolling out to everyone, which prompted me to make the purchase. 


Thank you. 

Are you kidding me? The Spotify app on an Apple Watch needs to have you carry your Apple iPhone with you in order to listen to Spotify? This must be a joke right?

Apple music here I come...

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