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Are the musics legal or is copyright?

Are the musics legal or is copyright?

Hi, i want to ask if the musics here in spotify are all legal and i can hear them with no problems of doing something like copyright because in youtube there are a lot of uploaders that illegally upload musics that they don't buy so is this legal?

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Hey there. Welcome to the community.


Spotify comes with agreements. Every track is uploaded a) by label itself or b) by artist itself through legal aggregator (like or c) other company with rights to do that like local distributor (in Scandinavia for example DJ Beat Records for techno music). It is almost impossible to upload copyrighted content to Spotify if you are not legal owner of content. And Spotify takes these seriously, if illegal content noticed on service, it will be removed from service.


What music is available generally on Spotify, depends on labels and these agreements. They can release for example only on download services w/o streaming etc. But then, once again, they rarely get any money from streaming if content is not released here 😉


When you listen music on Spotify, no matter Free or Paid service, rightholders incl. artists are all compensated. Every time you listen tunes. Most of revenue by Spotify goes back to music industry! They pay something like 0.005 - 0.007 cents per stream (no matter how much you stream).


Connect yourself with great music!


Hope this helps, mate.

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