Are there Spotify curators during COVID-19 Lock down?

Are there Spotify curators during COVID-19 Lock down?


My band RiFFLe Effect are planning to release a single during the Lock down period, however, we initially wanted to delay our release date in order for Spotify curators to be able to check out our track, however since the lock down is happening are there any curators available when we submit our songs through Spotify for artists? (Since some people are still working from home) or is it just a waste of effort for us to delay our track? Comments especially from curators are greatly appreciated, thanks everyone! 🙂

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Hey there @TakumaDemonRebo


Thanks for searching for the answer you need here! 

We suggest you get in touch with our team at Spotify for Artists. These folks specialize in queries submitted to Spotify by artists and content creators. They’ll be able to help you more specifically with the issue you’re addressing. 


You can reach out to them here.    


Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any more questions. 

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