Artist I did not put on my account

Artist I did not put on my account

So this is driving me crazy! Someone who enjoys latin music has put like 50 artists in my account and songs up the ying yang. I have deleted them all multiple times and they show up again. I only show my computer and my husband's phone as devices on spotify so I don't know how this keeps happening. I have changed my password but all these songs and artists still show up. It's really hard to fine MY songs and artists with all these songs I have no interest in what so ever. UGH!!

Also, how can I delete all this on PC? I am signed into spotify and don't see where music is at all. Thanks


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Hi there!


I'm sorry that you're having this problem but it sounds like someone else may have gained access to your Spotify account. I'd recomment checking out this Support article to help you.


Keep me posted 🙂

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