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Artists not showing up and saved songs gone

Artists not showing up and saved songs gone

All of my artists are gone and my saved songs are no longer showing up. I can only view playlists and podcasts (none of which I have) and it is difficult to find songs and takes much longer. I'm not sure if this is a bug or a terrible update, please help this is unbelievably frustrating. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app, logged in and out, restarted my phone, and others around me with spotify do not have this problem and I'm close to making a new account because it is unusable like this and not worth paying for when you can't access the music.


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Im noticing the same!  Yesterday morn all my artists  albums are gone only shows a few. Plus the feature to view you songs list is gone. I chatted with a rep yesterday he told me there was an update over night and that it can take up to 24 hours for all of your artists albums etc to comw back. Well its past 24 hours its still the same, so i chatted with a different rep and he told me that i have the full update and that they got rid of all of those features and if i dont like it i can send feedback🙄so i dont know what to believe im getting mi ed i fo about this. This makes no sens for them to remove those features, i have over 100 artists, and premium account and now i cant view my list of artists how ami going to remember who i added?? 

This is a huge step backwords. The features were fine before. I hope this is not a new update, they should be smarter than to get rid of one of the most useful features.

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Yeah and thats exaclty what i told the second rep, im irritated im having a hard time believing that this is an update. I didnt upgrade to premium for this **bleep**, if i wanted to just see 4 artists and not my full list of artists then i could just go back to the basic free account. Last i remember thats how the basic free account is setup. The main 2 things that i do is shuffle all songs and choose from my artist list now, i cant so neither. The second rep said he will try his best to get the team to tale notice of this and reverse it but yea who knows. Im certainly not renewing premium if they dont fix it.

I completely understand not renewing it because of this, there would be no reason to pay for this. What's really confusing me is i am a memeber of a family and niether the admin or other family members are having this issue... it seems weird to me that I would get an update so far ahead of the other members and all of us have the same version number.

Having the same problem. App updated and I lost all of my music under artists and albums. This is ridiculous, been a premium member for years. Not happy.

It is because the people in your family did not update the app. My old phone that i have spotify on for jogging with has the old version and it is perfect. I am so **bleep** at this new update too. Unfortunetly there seems to be no way to go back to the previous version. 

I emailed spotify support and it she said that it is a new update they are testing out and most people just haven't gotten it yet. They could eother keep it, change it or roll it back. I really hope they roll it back. The app is sp much harder to use.

100000% agree. I just can't use my android app anymore. Was perfect before these changes and now i can't shuffle play my music while out and about. They said that my saved songs would go into a auto playlist called "Favourites". There is no playlist by that name. I do have a "Liked" playlist. That has 17 out of my 2000 saved songs though...


Then there is the issue with the artist part being deleted and changed into a more useless way. 

I'm the same. My artist list is down to only 16 artists. If I search the missing songs the tick is still there to say it's in my library but it doesn't show.

I ended up uninstalling the app and installing the older version to recover all my saved artists and songs. I will keep the older version until they bring back the old style.

Having the same issue, terrible update, completely frustrating and un-usable. Where and what version did you download?

I rolled back to version I can't remember exactly in which topic but there was a user here who provided the link on where to download the previous versions of Spotify. In my case I used APK Mirror to find the previous version and turned off automatic updates in the playstore

Go to and search for spotify go to old versions. Download an .apk file prior to this update (i downloaded one from feb 2) and install it and then sign back in with your premium account. Should be back to normal

Thanks! Ill try this

I reckon this this is only for android or iphone too? Im not finding an older version on i jsut see the larest version

Head here  and vote to bring back the old UI. The more votes the better so give the link to the voting page to everyone you know who wants the old UI back. 

Hey everyone,


This is currently expected. You'll find saved albums under the Albums section, and followed artists under the Artist section. Make sure to "Follow" your favorite artists to find them there. 


If you want to look for saved tracks from certain artist, you should have a playlist called 'Liked songs' which will bring you to your saved music. From there, you can sort by a certain artist or album, and add tracks to queue or play normally. 


There is an idea about the new Library here, and if you agree with it, make sure to add your +Vote. 


Let us know if there's anything else!

@Jemi Saved tracks do not go to the liked playlist. Only liked songs do. So i have 2000 saved songs but only 17 songs in my liked playlist. So if i want to put any of my songs into that liked playlist, i would need to go one song at a time (2000 times) and click like on those already saved songs. The app does not allow me to add music on mass into custom playlist either. So no matter what, im **bleep**ed. 

I'm straight up going to switch to Apple Music if this stays. This is baffling. A simple click of the check and the artist was added to "Artists", the song to "songs" and the album to "Albums". Now I have to make sure I want to save the song but decide if I want to also follow the artist? No one wanted this.

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