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Audio crackling/buzzing using web player

Audio crackling/buzzing using web player

When using the web player (Windows 10, Firefox) I notice a loud buzzing/crackilng sound. I recorded it using audacity (lots of static, but you can clearly hear the buzzing noise I am referring to in the attached file at 0:02, 0:47, 0:59.


Any suggestions?

5 Replies

Here is a better example, .wav file.


0:16, 01:22, 02:04, 02:40, 02:45.

I have this same problem. Is there any know solution to this, please?

I'm still getting this annoying buzzing every 15-30 seconds. Is anyone else getting this also, please? Even more, does anyone know if this can be fixed or is it problem with Spotify.

I am getting it also. If  were to take a gander I would say it is somehow a misfunction with the flash player? Because right after I usually get a message it has crashed. 
No idea how to fix though. so I switch to pandora, sadly

I have the exact same problem.


It's anoying.

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