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Autplay improvement or choice

Autplay improvement or choice

Currently the algorithms choice of songs to keep playing when my pink noise playlist ends in the middle of the night includes songs with high pitched birds chirping like songs of the rainforest. This is NOT pink noise and acts as an alarm clock at 5.30am instead of keeping me in a peaceful lulled sleep. Playing any kind of scenery noise is not playing similar pink noise songs. Pink noise is specifically adjusted to make the high pitched sounds quieter because our brains perceive them more loudly to bring balance and improved sleep.  By definition it doesn't include birds chirping. No one would want these sorts of songs played whilst they are sleeping.




The only fixes I can see is to turn off autoplay which is annoying when I'm in any other situation as I like to listen to other music during the day automatically when the playlist ends, or to press repeat which stays selected on the playlist for a few nights then automatically turns itself off and I then forget to turn it back on.




There needs to either be improvements to the algorithm so that it only plays more pink noise not just any scenery noise or the option to exclude a specific playlist from autoplaying afterwards that can toggled to stay off all the time.




Please fix this! I'm sure there are many people who are insomniacs like me who use pink noise to help them sleep that this is very frustrating for.

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Hey @JessSp,

Thank you for posting in the Community! We've moved your post to a relevant Help Board where it fits better.

We get that you are not satisfied by the suggestions you are receiving from you r Autoplay. Good news is that you can actively help the algorithms of the app to improve their suggestions and become more relevant to your listening preferences. Check the special article about this here.

In case you want this special kind of 'pink noise' content to not influence certain other personalized musical playlists that you usually get, then you might also check our Private listening feature.


Hope you find this useful. Keep us posted if you have any questions.

Kiril Moderator
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