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Samsung Galaxy s9+, Android Oreo car radio

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I connect my car radio unit to the internet using my phones hotspot.

But i can't use this connection to stream music via "available devices" - "available devices" is only accessible when the phone actually is connected to mobile data (downloaded playlists).

But as mobile data connectivity freakin sucks in germany, i often can't use this.


Question here is:

Why doesn't available devices work while obviously connected to my phone via wifi?


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Hey @dered95, help's here.


It sounds like you're trying to use the Connect feature. This feature currently requires both devices to be on the same network. If that's not possible, it'll unfortunately not work. 


Feel free to use other means of connecting, such as bluetooth. You can find more info about how you can use Spotify in your car here. Make sure to check it out!


Hope that helps 🙂




But when i connect the car unit to my smartphones hot spot they are in the same network. And this does not work.

Hey again @dered95,


Thanks for clarifying this further.


If Spotify Connect isn’t working for you, please check the following:

  • All devices' software is up-to-date. If you don't know, check with your devices' manufacturer for how to check and update the version software.
  • You’re rocking the latest version of Spotify
  • Your car is supported by Spotify. You can check this at or with the device’s manufacturer.
  • You're not trying to play local files. These are not support by Connect. 
  • @SpotifyStatus. We post here about any system issues.

If you’re still having trouble after those checks: 

  • Restart the Spotify app. 
  • Close any other apps you’re not using.
  • Restart your devices. 
  • Restart your WiFi. 
  • If possible, try a different WiFi connection on the device you're playing from (i.e. your mobile, tablet, or desktop). 

 Let us know how it goes 🙂

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