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B&O and Spotify Connect


B&O and Spotify Connect

I have troubles to use my Spotify Connect on my B&O A9.


They wont connect! just stuck on "connecting" for maybe 5 seconds, then continue on my phone, not the speaker, however Airplay works perfect! thats just not viable with my Android Phone and Windows PC. 


Is there any known issues right now? 


EVERYTHING is updated. Reset, rebooted, anything you can imagine, even fresh Spotify accounts. 


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2600 dollar speaker.

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I have the exact same problem.

Happened sunday...


When I try to play through Spotify Connect and choose the BeoPlay A9 -- which is visible under the Spotify Connect option -- it's 'connecting' for like 2 seconds and then just starts playing on the device I tried to enable Spotify Connect from.

Say my Samsung Galaxy S7 and/or MacBook Pro Retina 2014


Tried configuring a new WiFi name and password.

Tried configuring a new password on Facebook, since I authenticate Spotify Premium through Facebook.

Tried resetting my BeoPlay A9.


Nothing really changes... I see the BeoPlay A9 as an option, but I can't connect nor play music from it, unless I choose it from my 'Sound' icon in the Menu Bar on my MacBook Pro, although this isn't optimal as the sound is delayed and every other sound is transmittet through the A9 and will interrupt the music, say I get a FaceTime call on the MacBook Pro.


Hope to see this fixed soon as possible.

Same problem here - Tried everything but no luck 

I am also struggling with this. Reset A9 and still, it's being listed in Spotify on my iPad, Android phone, and Windows PC. But I am unable to connect. Worked for many years like a charm but suddenly stopped 2 days ago.

Found some news that some speakers are no longer supported (see here: They claim the following speaker is affected: "The Spotify custom integration will be completely removed from the B&O BeoSound 5 speaker.".


Seems to me that my A9 (1st generation) is no longer supported. Any comment on this @Spotify?

I dont think they removed support for A9, still listed as full support.

Just think Spotify Connect sucks. 😞 

I have the suspicion that they only support the second generation of the A9 speaker. If thats the case than i'm no longer a happy customer.

I just talked a half hour with tech support, and everything! 
They still 100% support 1st gen, its just a problem right now, that will get fixed asap, hang on friends 😄 

Same here with the A9 Mk1 for Me. As I’m using Apple devices. I can still stream Spotify via airplay on the A9 until this issue is resolved. 

Same problem here - Tried everything but no luck

How come this is set as "solved"... It's a bug that's not solved right?

Marked as solution





2600 dollar speaker.

Mxxxxx.Sxxxxx (BEOPLAY)

  1. Feb., 09:39 CET

Sehr geehrter Herr XXXXXXX,


Es tut uns Leid zu hoeren, dass Ihr Spotify Connect nicht mehr funktioniert.

Der Grund dafuer ist dass Spotify deren Backend-Plattform aktualisiert hat, welches zur Folge hat, dass Spotify Connect nicht laenger in Lautsprecher und Fernseher aelterer Generationen integriert ist.


Diese Entscheidung liegt allein bei Spotify.


Sie koennen weiterhin Spotify auf aelteren Lautsprechern hoeren, indem Sie Ihr Telefon anschliessen, oder ueber AirPlay streamen.

Fuer weitere Unterstuetzung stehen wir Ihnen gerne zur Verfuegung. 
Mit freundlichen Gruessen,

M.... S.......
B&O PLAY Support
Besuchen Sie uns auf: B&O PLAYJournal und Facebook



Gratulation Spotify und B&O!! 2.200 € for a system that will not work in future.



Just realised I am also having the same problem.

However, am finding that I CAN connect from Iphone X, but not from my desktop or Iphone 7 - all have same software update 11.2.5



But yes, Spotify, am hoping that you will work out a solution!

Same problem here...


Say what? So i now have 2000 euro paper weight??? AirPlay really isn't an alternative  😕


really really really dissapointed in both spotify and b&o 😞


Yea it sucks.. semi fix is Chromecast Audio. But that only works on phones. Not pc/Mac..



I have the same issue. It is not acceptable. It is probably a matter of financial support termination either from Spotify to BO or the other way round. I will just not renew my Spotify subscription next month ;-(((((

I can't believe they just pulled the plug. If this is going to be common practice, why on earth should we buy a Spotify connected device? In a couple of years it will be obsolete also.... 😞


edit: I do hope I'm wrong here and that it's just a temporary bug

This isn't really a solution.


The support on B&O AND Spotify still tells me, that they support Spotify Connect with the B&O BeoPlay A9 Mark I.


I mean, I can still see the device whenever I press the Spotify Connect icon, although I just can't connect to it.


Before we make any asumptions, I would like an official statement from Spotify.

I'm with you hoping this is just a temporary bug. However, the Beo support messages in this thread aren't that promising. Really really hope it's fake news...

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