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B&O and Spotify Connect


B&O and Spotify Connect

I have troubles to use my Spotify Connect on my B&O A9.


They wont connect! just stuck on "connecting" for maybe 5 seconds, then continue on my phone, not the speaker, however Airplay works perfect! thats just not viable with my Android Phone and Windows PC. 


Is there any known issues right now? 


EVERYTHING is updated. Reset, rebooted, anything you can imagine, even fresh Spotify accounts. 

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I've got the following message from spotify support:


We're sorry to hear you're unhappy with the changes in the recent Spotify update.

We're always testing things by adding or removing features to make Spotify better overall. We’re sorry that this means you’re not able to use the app with your Beoplay A9 like you could before.

We can't say if or when this specific feature will be back. But as soon as we’ve got anything to announce, we’ll let everyone know via the Spotify Community

Also, it looks like other Spotify customers also share your idea here You can add your voice to it by giving it a vote!

Be sure to keep an eye on the status of the idea too, ideas that reach 100 votes are reviewed by the Community team on a monthly basis, and are then passed onto the right folks here at Spotify. 

Previous examples of implemented ideas include Chromecast support, the Xbox app, and the return of the Wrapped campaign. 

Let us know if there's anything else we can help you with.


So be sure, to vote here:






Let's hope we can make enough noise to get this rolled back... tried listening over Airplay tonight and it's just... such a waste of such a great machine... 


Got a response from B&O saying the 'overall electronics' of MK1 and MK2 are different. They don't seem willing to give any specific information on the differences. Probably because there actually aren't any that would stop spotify being used

For me, from a consumer/owner perspective, it's really simple. It worked two weeks ago, someone ticked off a checkbox, and now it doesn't anymore. That's just a terrible explanation that I have a hard time believing. I think indeed the electronics can handle it, because they could - just makes me sad Spotify made this decision. 

Hi received this message from B&O customer support on their official Facebook page regarding a coming firmware update for Beoplay A9 MK1: "Hi Gabriele, we appreciate your patience while we looked into this for you. Unfortunately, there was a misunderstanding earlier in this case. The manual software update can only be done for A9 Mk2, not A9 1st gen. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience. We are actively working towards creating a new update that should resolve the WiFi stability issues and hope to be able to release that soon. Again, we appreciate your patience."

Just in order to add to this thread; having the same issue with Beosound Essence Mk.1, posted this update last week: "Been using Spotify Connect/Premium on Beosound Essence for 3+ years - suddenly, a couple of weeks ago, the connect feature does not work although the device is still showing as available. Beosound works fine with other sources, via Airplay etc. Contacted B&O and after testing the Essence product found no issues and they also commented that it is probably a Spotify software issue. Have disconnected/reconnected Wi-Fi and other recommended approach on Spotify support pages, with no result. Bottom line: currently unable to use my Premium account on my main stereo..."

Spotify and B&O have confirmed thi is an issue relating to the A9 mk 1 only but the mk2 still works. ( )


This sounds unbelivable considering it was streaming with no problems for the last 3 years. 


I'm still trying to get a straight answer from either B&O about why technically that is. But everybody keep asking them and we might get somewhere!

Honestly find it somewhat provocative that the Moderator has moved this item (covering both Beosound A9 Mk1 and Beosound Essence Mk1) from "Ongoing Issues" to "Not an Issue" instead of "Won't Fix" -- as an impacted customer, this issue has not gone away, but apparently Spotify perceives this differently. 


Spotify has made this official here - we've all been bricked! Thanks Spotify!! 

Guess I'll start looking at Pandora. What a waste of money!


The Spotify custom integration will be completely removed from the following B&O speakers:

  • BeoSound 5
  • A9 V1



Dear Rebecca,

Thank you for contacting B&O Play Support regarding your A9.

We regret to inform you that very recently Spotify removed server support for several speakers across different brands. Unfortunately, A9 Mk1 was one of those.
As much as we wish there was something we can do about this, this was a decision made by Spotify that we did not have any control over. 
You will still be able to stream Spotify content from the Spotify app over Airplay or Chromecast but Spotify Connect functionality will no longer be available. You can find more information in this regard and the workarounds on Spotify’s website here.

We truly apologize for any inconvenience this might cause.

Should you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

Kind regards,

B&O PLAY Support

The same situation happend with Beosound 5, B&O blaimed Spotify and Spotify pointed at B&O and said that they have offered them a newer API that replaced the old one but they didn´t want to use that one. And B&O replaied that it was not an good solution to use that one, instead offer replacement B&O hardware with limited Spotify functionality or not Spotify functionality at all.

What the **bleep**, this is unbelievable... is it even legal to remove a service that was highly promoted after a few years? For Christs sake, I bought the A9 because it was the highest fidelity equipment available!!

Yeah, it still baffles me that this just happened. Not much we can do at this moment besides using the proposed 'solution', which is playing over Airplay. Although all of us do have to make sure to vote here:

I just received an answer from B&O support team: "...we are investigating a better way to solve this with our developers". We shall all call for Deezer and TuneIn support, both supported in A9 MK2 since 3 years already. We need a solution that will survive time and not only last for 3 - 4 years until Spotify decides to change its API again.

As an Owner of a B&O A9 I have been using the Spotify Connect Service on a daily basis. Spotify Connect was the only reason why I bought the speaker and the Spotify Premium Account. As a B&O and Spotify customer I expect that the two companies find a solution in bringing back the comfort to a (up to now) very happy user base.

This is just awful, Airplay drains the battery on my phone much quicker, on laptop I now can't have a youtube video with some background music from Spotify... 


If any other music streaming service provides this I'm changing instantly. 

Why would you do this you bunch of JERKS!!!  I am so P155ED OFF!!!

This situation is absurd. I aswell bought the Beoplay a9 because of the Sporify Connect functionality. This was a big selling point they told me when I bought it. They said that Spotify is built into the system. I´ve been away for work and just came home to discover this. Its to say the least extremely upsetting and provoking. I really dont understand how this could even happen. The device is useless to me now. 


I think B&O needs to get Spotify to support the a9 1st gen, or I will demand to return my device and get a 2nd gen without cost. 


There seems to be no good reason for this. I dont know who to blame, but surly, B&O is responsible for selling a product with this functionality -they need to fight for a solution asap. Or give us all new devices!


This is so frustrating I cannot believe it. Beoplay advertisementadvertised

You are kidding me? I paid for Beoplay, I pay for Spotify Premium - all just because of Spotify Connect and now it is not working anymore? You can not compare quality of Connect and AirPlay! It is not solution for me! Please, support Beoplay 1st generation again or send new Beoplay to me asap!! Thank you, Ben

I contacted B&O about the issue. See their response below. And also see my respons back. We owners of the BeoPlay a9 1st gen need to stay together, and both contact Spotify and B&O. A solution must be found asap. Please read. What should we do? ANy suggestions?


B&O reply: 

Thank you for contacting B&O Play Support.

We are very sorry to hear that you are experiencing these issues with Spotify Connect. I regretfully inform you that, very recently, Spotify removed server support for several speakers across different brands. Unfortunately, A9 Mk1 was one of those.

As much as we wish there was something we can do about this, this was a decision made by Spotify and we do not have any control over it.

You will still be able to stream Spotify content from the Spotify app over Airplay or Chromecast but Spotify Connect functionality will no longer be available.

You can get more information on the following link:

We truly apologize for the inconvenience.

Kind regards,


This is my response back: 


Hi, and thank you for your reply. 

I appreciate that you´re sorry for the inconvenience, but I have a hard time accepting the situation and not taking it further. 
This is not only a problem for me, but for all owners of the Beoplay a9 1st gen. A quick look at the spotify forum shows that lots of people are very frustrated about the situation. This is not a surprise, thinking about that all these people have had a fully working system for 2 and 3 years, and suddenly without warning, it stops working. 
When I bought my BeoP at the store in Norway, the spotify connect was a big selling point for the seller. I was told that Spotify Connect was built in to the system, so it would stream the music on its own, without interuption from calls or using devices to view video clips etc. THis was at the time «revolutionary» and sounded like the perfect way to have a music system. 
See attachemnts, where Spotify is included in the specs and in the advertisements of the product. 
Airplay is far from Connect in functionality and is not good enough. 
I really think the situation is unaxeptable. I dont know who to «Blame», Sportify or B&O, I guess both companies will just blame each other. But there is no doubt in my mind that B&O have a responsibility for its users and you need to fight to resolve the problem. 
What has B&O´s respons to Spotify been? WHat have been done to stop this change?
I see following options: 
1. B&O makes an effort to make Spotify support Beoplay a9 1st gen again, since the product from your side were sold with this functionality built in. 
2. Customers who bought the 1st gen must get to return their devices in exchange with a gen 2. 
I hope you realize how big an issue this is for all of us owners. We bought a way to play music, an expensive one too, and suddenly and out of the blue, it stopped working. 
Please let me know whom I can talk to in the B&O. This is an issue that should be brought to attention to Adm dir Henrik Clausen or other people high up in the B6O system. 
I appreciate the apology, but its not enough. We need to find a solution to the problem. 
Let me know what kind of actions you will take to solve this. 
Im actually quite stunned by the situation, and Im really wondering what my rights are when something like this happens. I hope you can find a solution. I guess I can contact the Norwegian Consumer Council, to find out what they think about the issue. But what I want the most is just my sound system to work again, because I loved it so much. 
All the best

Yes, that's their standard response, i received that as well.... after that it stayed quiet ... 😕

Did you respond to / vote on topic ?

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