[BB] Blackberry 9300 BlueTooth issue

[BB] Blackberry 9300 BlueTooth issue



I just enabled Spotify Premium and having a technical issue that I would appreciate some assistance with.


Blackberry 9300


2012 Toyota Camry Bluetooth



I can sync the playlists over wi-fi fine and they put Spotify into offline mode fine, but I cannot play the songs over Bluetooth in my car.


I can pull up my media player on my Blackberry and play a song over Bluetooth, but can't do it over spotify.  


I deleted my pairing and redit it twice.


After fighting with it I noticed something strange.


If I play a song in Blackberry media player and i play a song in Spotify I can hear both songs playing at the same time. 


*bangs head against desk*


I tried to disable the Blackberry media player thinking that there may be some type of conflict but cant see where to do that...




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Hi there I have a similar issue, Using the bold 9900 with my kenwood head unit.


Mine has worked and has been able to play and pause from the controlls on the head unit but this is verry intermitent.


Please get this to work Spotify its the only reason i will pay £10 a month

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