[BB] Blackberry Bold 9780 Playlist showing 0 tracks


[BB] Blackberry Bold 9780 Playlist showing 0 tracks


This morning I added a track to a playlist that I have set to be available offline on my phone. After I added it and went back to the playlist view, it looked like it was trying to sync the entire playlist again. When I came to work it suddenly showed 0 tracks. I've tried to restart the app several times, I even deleted it and installed it again. After the re-installation it seemed fine, but when I clicked on the playlist it was shown blank.

I have also tried the Reset in Settings, and restarting the app. Sometimes it has shown 0 tracks and a few times the full track number (127). But after going in and out of the playlist to make sure it kept all the tracks, it now showed 0 tracks again. 


This seems to only be happening to that playlist, I have two other playlists that are set to be available Offline, but they are fine. 


Haven't experienced this problem before, what is going on?!?!

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