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[BB] Blackberry bold 9780 all playlist gone!?

[BB] Blackberry bold 9780 all playlist gone!?



might be a thread thats already been solved.. but i cant find it..

anyways... my problem: this morning i started my spotify on my blackberry.. and all of my playlists are gone.. only my starred playlist is still there... i tried the 'reset playlist' thing multiple times... i even wiped the cache in the login screen.. still no results..

anyone have any idea? its like my phone just doesnt synchronize with the server or something maybe??


hopes that someone has an idea! thanks in advanced!

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Having the same issue on my 9900. Had playlists before, but after resetting, none will sync to the app. Only starred tracks. 


xDeeDee - I've just taken a look at your account, and it seems that some playlists had been deleted. I've now restored them to your account.

DevinJ - couldn't seem to find anything wrong in your account. By resetting, do you mean reinstall?
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I mean going in under settings on the mobile app and hitting reset playlists. Do subscribed playlists not show up on mobile apps? Although in my case, none of my playlists are showing up. Subscribed or otherwise.


Also, I clean installed all apps. On desktops and mobile. 


Same for my phone, I've got a 9360 and I 'accidentately' deleted my playlist amd a suscribor playlist but it shows up on my mac! I don't know what to do I only got the app yesterday and I have tried resetting the playlist and rebooting the phone plus resyncroniseing the playlist on my mac and somebody else's laptop, help?

I'm having the same issue. My inbox and starred tracks are shown on my phone, but no other playlists. I have the blackberry torch 2. I'm not sure which version though. I don't know much about phones :).


Any help?

And in addition in wont sync when I am trying to make a playlist on my phone into a offline playlist

Same problem. Only inbox and starred playlists is available. Tried to reinstall and reboot many times.

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