[BB] Blackberry playlist offline not available

[BB] Blackberry playlist offline not available




Im owning a Blackberry Bold 9780, which is compatible with spotify but when I want to put a playplist to offline on my blackberry a few songs aren't available in offline mode. So when i want to play the songs offline, there are a few songs in my album which i can't listen to. The title of the songs are colored in grey and when i click on it, it says that the track isn't available offline..

I can't figure out what the problem is, please could someone help me because im paying for this service and I want it to work correctly on my phone.


Also I have another problem, some tracks are forwarding in the middle of the song which is very annoying when you're listening to it.


Please help me! I have searched the whole web and couldn't find answers. I saw there are a lot more people with the same problems as me.



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Hi Pimalini,


It sounds like these 'greyed' tracks are local files on your desktop--not tracks the Spotify library.  Spotify automatically detects local files on your computer and adds them to the library on your application. 


If this is the case then you would need to add these tracks to your Blackberry in order to listen to them on your offline playlists. Or you could the same (or a similar track) to the playlist directly from the Spotify library and sync your playlist again. 


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