[BB] Blackberry songs added wont show.

[BB] Blackberry songs added wont show.



I'm using the spotify app on 3 devices:


My laptop, my Samsung Galaxy S3 and my girlfriends Blackberry 9320.

The app works fine on her Blackberry, but the problem is as follows:


Everytime when I add a song on my Galaxy S3 to one of the playlists, it automatically adds the number to my playlist on my laptop AND on her Blackberry.




When she adds numbers on her Blackberry, they won't show up on my Laptop, nor my Galaxy S3.


Any ideas on how to fix this?



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Hey! Welcome to the community 🙂


There are a few things I suggest you try. 

Firstly, try adding a new track to a playlist then logging out and back into the BlackBerry client, sometimes it can force a playlist reset. Check to see if it has worked on another client. 

Secondly, it could be that the BlackBerry client has got a little confused. I would suggest that you try resetting the stored playlists using the "Reset" button in the Settings menu. This will reload all of the playlist information from the servers, so you will need to resync any offline content again. After its done, try adding a track again and see if it appears on another client. You might also want to try the log out/in technique again after you have done this.



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