[BB] Blackberry spotify app wont log in.

[BB] Blackberry spotify app wont log in.


hello all.

I just recently signed up for spotify premium, after trying out a friends account for a while.

His account worked just fine on my blackberry, but now that i have my own account it wont let me log in. and it throw up the message "A premium account is required to use spotify on your blackberry. sign up using the link below".  I DO have a premium account.


Any suggestions?

thanks, ricky

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Same problem here.  Re-subscribed to Premium service this morning, but still get "A premium account is required to use Spotify on your Blackberry.  Signup using the link below".


I do now have a premium account and can use it on my PC.  Have re-installed the Blackberry App a few times now, but no change.


Help please.

Hey there!


Spotify is working hard to fix this problem.


But in your case I suggest to contact directly to Spotify using Contact form!

Hi, I'm having this problem too on my BlackBerry Bold 9790 os 7.1 - Although I've noticed that this thread is from 2012... I've used spotify many years ago on BlackBerry & I've had no issues with it back then.

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