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[BB] Blackberry sync messed up desktop list and favourites

[BB] Blackberry sync messed up desktop list and favourites

I've been testing out the beta blackberry app for the past many months which is extremely frustrating, so I've settled on syncing only a single playlist.


It's never straightforward and rarely syncronises correctly, either duplicating tracks so a playlist with 200 tracks apparently has 3000. If I even dare to load it without saving offline, the whole app crashes, so I stick to a single offline playlist of 100. I decided to change the overall setting to go online recently and for some reason it went mad on the blackberry and crashed again. When I next logged onto my desktop hundreds of tracks I had updated or deleted the past few months had strangley come back in the same playlist and for some reason all my favourites (about 200) have gone missing!!!


Can someone please help? I only want my favourites back and not as worried about the blackberry software...


Thank you,


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