[BB] [Bug report] [Blackberry] Can't resume a music

[BB] [Bug report] [Blackberry] Can't resume a music



I have a problem with my Blackberry 9900 with OS 7.1.

I can't resume a music that I paused, when I try to resume a music, it skip it and play the next one.

Do someone else have this issue ? What is the workaround ?

Thank you

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the same prob here as well with 9860 in OS 7.1 .



Good to know that I'm not alone to have this critical bug.


I hope someone from Spotify will see this topic.


Ok, thanks for reporting this. 


So it did start happening just on 7.1? And does it happen for all tracks?


used it only with 7.1, so no experience if it started with 7.1 or ocuured before. 

But it definitly with all tracks.




Same thing here, I'm only using 7.1, so I can't check with other versions, and it occurs on all tracks, both in streaming or downloaded

Same issue here on 9930 on 7.1. Who's going to downgrade to 7.0 to see if the issue is still present? 🙂


Yeh I'mhaving this problem and it's very very annoying.


I recently switched from an iPhone to a BlackBerry (I know) and this bug has pretty much stopped me using Spotify mobile altogether. Using BB OS 7.1.


Please sort it quickly guys.

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