[BB] Logging on with my Blackberry Bold 9900


[BB] Logging on with my Blackberry Bold 9900


Hi there,


I'm having an issue with logging in over my 3G connection on my Blackberry Bold 9900 ( I try to log on and I get the spinning disk loading icon thingy (I don't know the technical name of it) and eventually, it loads after about 10 minutes but only under offline mode. And it doesn't let me stream music.
OK. This is what I have tried.
Wifi connection - Works absolutely fine.
Turning my cellular connection off and on again and then retrying - Didn't work
Deleting and reinstalling Spotify - Didn't work
Reinstalling a brand new clean version of the OS - Didn't work
So you know, the internet works fine on my phone.
If I switch spotify into offline mode whilst on WiFi, it loads straight up.
It also doesn't matter where I am because I tried to get it to connect on my 9 mile bus ride to work and back and it didn't work anywhere.
Can you suggest anything? I'm quite a patient person. Meanwhile, I'm keeping my Spotify in offline mode
Cheeeers! James
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@WeyyyTicTacs wrote:
Yeah, I'm also up for that. Feel free. Again, did exactly the same as hammeh so I don't see this working but anything is worth a try 🙂

Done. Give that a try.


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I have posted a temporary work around here and sent my findings off to the team 🙂



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