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[BB] Playlists lost when synching devices

[BB] Playlists lost when synching devices

Please help. I have Spotify Premium and use it on 3 devices - a windows laptop, an android tablet and a blackberry.

Each of these had different offline playlists on Spotify. Now I got all these devices on the same wireless network to synch offline playlists and suddenly I'm full of problems. (1) Several of the playlists have disappeared on all devices, (2) The playlists which remain which had previously been ready synched offline are now, on some devices, synching again from scratch - offline files gone completely.


I need to recover all playlists - I'm using these for my wedding ceremony, my wedding reception and the disco in 3 weeks. I am not a happy bunny right now!


Please help me recover those playlists!

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A bit more info: I've managed to locate the BNK files and copy them to a backup. Opening them with notepad I can see they contain the tracklistings among lots of other noise. Can I use this to restore the playlists?


The missing playlists were named (1) Party, and (2) Electroswing


Also, any idea why it happened? I'd be distraught if I restored it all and it happened again!

Okay I've got my playlists back by finding a link within the bnk files to my playlists on the spotify servers. Thank F for that!

So now the only help I need is to understand why it happened and how to stop it happening again. During the last hour the android tablet has again lost all its offline files so it's clearly not a one-off problem.


Any tips?

New issue - logging in this morning to my laptop and recieved the message "offline access has been withdrawn from this device" - lost all my offline tracks again. This doesn't make sense - I though three devices could be supported on offline mode.


I would be grateful for some help.

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