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[BB] Should sync over 2G/3G be on or off?

[BB] Should sync over 2G/3G be on or off?


I want to ensure I am using my home wifi connection and not my mobile internet, i.e. don't want to use my data/ incur any data charges, especially as it's a company phone.


If I have this function set to off will that force my phone to use wifi?


I thought if I had access to wifi that my phone would automatically use this over 2g or 3g?  Am I right?


Also, if I have low bandwith option chosen over high quality does this mean an inferior sound quality?





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Hey, first, what OS you use? I think, this may be Windows Phone so I answer this way how WP works.


When you use do not sync over 2G/3G this mean that when you download playlist for Offline use, this does not use your data plan 3G. However you still can stream fine on 3G. So this option does not block from streaming, only from downloading to Offline!


The quality: recommonded are those - High (160 kbps) for Downloading (Offline playlists) and Normal/Low (96 kbps) for Streaming (Streaming online).


Quality 96 kbps => 0.72 MB per minute.
Quality 160 kbps => 1.2 MB per minute.
Quality 320 kbps => 2.4 MB per minute. (Not available in Windows Phone)


If you do not want to stream online at all, make sure you download playlists you want for Offline with Wifi and force app to offline in Settings.

Thank you.


I have a Blackberry Curve 8520.  What you have said makes sense, so I will just apply that to all future downloads.




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