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[BB] Spotify A2DP Blackberry 9300

[BB] Spotify A2DP Blackberry 9300

Hi All


I have a blackberry 9300 and my Spotify works fine with 1 exception


When I connect the 9300 to my Bluetooth speakers system the A2DP doesn't work. I can play something using the Blackberry media player and this works over the A2DP but when I switch to spotify it just comes out of the phone


Any ideas





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Hey! Welcome to the community 🙂 


Just to let you know I have edited your post to include the BlackBerry tag ([BB]) in the title as required in this section 😉 


I am a long term BlackBerry Bold 9900 user, and I have never been able to get Spotify to stream over Bluetooth (although I probably could have tried harder!). I had enough trouble just getting it to stream over a 3G connection! Shame, I don't have my bluetooth speakers here at uni with me 😞



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