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[BB] Spotify doesn't work on the Blackberry Curve 9320?

[BB] Spotify doesn't work on the Blackberry Curve 9320?

Hi there


I managed to install Spotify on my Blackberry Curve 9320 and have tried GPRS only and Wifi only connections.  Attempting to log in initially tells me my username and password are incorrect, which they aren't.  Progressing past this with the same username and password results in a message telling me the app couldn't connect to Spotify.


My question is simply this... is there any beta or other non-release deployment of Spotify that works on my device?  My Blackberry has full connectivity, internet browsing, Skype, the ports for Spotify aren't blocked... essentially I've done all the checks I can think of and the two different messages when trying the same username and password has me thinking that the app simply won't work on my device.


So, is there a beta etc I can try?




PS: I read the thread at but I don't know why the person posting had to cancel his account... was he PMd and told that there was no way it would work maybe?

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I unsubscribed becuase I could not install it, from neither the Spotify website, or the Blackberry App World.


If you would like to telll me how you installed, I am DYING to have Spotify back.

I GOT IT WORKING! I GOT IT WORKING! I AM SO EXCITED!  Open this site on your computer and use a QR code scanner to scan it and download it on your BB 🙂 (make a backup prior to this incase it turns out to be dodgy or something - but i'm logged in and my stuff is redownloading!) but YUSSS I HAVE IT BACK 😄

Sweet! I followed your link to that version, installed in on the device, and everything worked straight off.


I'd sent a ticket to Spotify support asking for info on versions I could try but was simply told that my device was unsupported.  I knew from reading the forums that there were other version floating about, but I guess like any other company they are just covering their behind.


Thanks again for the link mate, and the unofficial technical support 😉

Hey, but DO NOT download the songs to play offline. They don'tt really work. They seem to stop a few seconds before the end of the songs. So just stream, and you'll be fine.

Its kinda slow to load stuff, but hey, its better than nothing. 🙂

Mine stopped working, but I found this guy's blog post, an official spotify download link!

basically he says go to this webpage on your phone:

I just bought a 9320 .. do you have to subscribe to get music on your phone?  I don't understand what you mean about streaming can someone tell me what to do to have it on my mobile so I can listen to any music I want.  I have it on my laptop.. Would be great to have it on the go.. please help 🙂

the link isnt working for me - spotify wont recognise my credentials but they are correct.  Any help pls...

it just worked!!! Finally i have spotify.....

Can you maybe help me out, i have installed spotify on my blackberry curve and i can log in, but furtermore it does not work, i can not search songs etc. I can type in a song and it keeps loading. My internet connection is working because i can use my browser


Te same thing with me

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